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What are Tooth Extractions?

At ACE Dental of Temple, our skilled general dentists take every measure to save and preserve natural teeth for our patients. But in some instances, a simple or surgical tooth extraction may be necessary to protect or improve oral health. When a tooth is fully visible in the mouth and can be easily removed from the jaw, a simple extraction is performed. However, if teeth are impacted (such as wisdom teeth) or firmly anchored within the jawbone, a surgical extraction may be required. Whatever the reason for tooth extractions in Temple may be, our dentists are proud to offer gentle, exceptional care for children and adults. We also take steps to help make your visit as comfortable as possible and may administer nitrous oxide sedation so you can feel more at ease. If you or a family member needs to have a tooth removed, please reach out to our friendly Temple, TX team for more on our tooth extraction services.

Who Is a Candidate for a Tooth Extraction?

Patients of all ages may need to have a tooth extracted at some point in their lives. Baby teeth that do not exfoliate (fall out) on their own may need to be removed to allow the adult teeth to erupt properly. Prior to orthodontic care, some teens might need to have a few teeth removed to help teeth align as desired. Patients between the ages of 17 – 21 commonly require wisdom teeth extractions, as these teeth often lack the adequate space to emerge and are frequently impacted. Our Temple, TX dentists may also recommend tooth extractions in a number of other scenarios, such as abscessed or badly decayed teeth, severe bone loss, and fractured tooth roots.

When is wisdom tooth removal necessary?

Impacted teeth in the back of your mouth can cause pain, make your gums bleed, and even give you headaches. To ease this pain, wisdom teeth extraction in Temple may be ideal for you. Our dentists at ACE Dental of Temple will work diligently to make sure that your experience is comfortable and manageable. Having wisdom teeth extraction in Temple is also a good option if your back teeth have come in at the wrong angle, if your mouth isn't big enough to hold the extra set of molars, and if you have cavities or gum disease. Schedule an appointment with us today — so we can help you get the relief you need with wisdom teeth extraction in Temple, TX. 

what should I Expect During a tooth removal?

If you or your child needs a tooth extracted, rest assured, we will cater to your comfort and care throughout the entire process. We will numb your mouth thoroughly with local anesthetic and may administer nitrous oxide sedation if you feel anxious. To perform a simple extraction, one of our well-trained dentists will use a special instrument to help loosen the tooth and gently remove it from the socket. When a surgical extraction is required, small incisions in the gums will be made to help us access the tooth. The tooth may then be sectioned into smaller pieces to allow for easier removal and the preservation of oral tissues. If necessary, your gums will be sutured to help the area heal properly.

how is recovery Following a Tooth Removal?

Special aftercare instructions will be provided to you by our team, which may include avoiding the use of straws, spitting, and smoking for the first few days. To help relieve any swelling or jaw tenderness, we may also suggest using cold packs against the jaw and issue a prescription for antibiotics or pain medication. Apart from any recommended follow-up visits, it is important to keep routine dental visits at ACE Dental of Temple so our dentists can track your healing and health following your tooth extraction in Temple. Tooth replacement options can also be explored to help restore your oral function and appearance after your tooth has been removed.

Are Extractions Covered by Insurance?

A number of dental insurance plans may offer some coverage toward tooth extraction procedures. However, sedation dentistry options (like nitrous oxide) may not be a covered benefit. To learn about your specific policy, our business team will contact your provider and help maximize your benefits. If you have any out-of-pocket costs for your care, we will be happy to talk with you about the affordable payment methods accepted at ACE Dental of Temple, which include low-interest medical financing.

Gentle dental care From a Compassionate Team

In some instances, losing a tooth is the best way to improve the health of your smile. At ACE Dental of Temple, our caring team offers gentle tooth removal for patients who have wisdom teeth pain, retained baby teeth, severely damaged teeth, or other dental conditions. We can even help you choose an option to replace your extracted tooth, if necessary. For more information, contact our Temple, TX practice and speak with our friendly team today.

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