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What Is a Dental Cleaning?

Attending routine dental cleaning (prophylaxis) visits is essential for maintaining a healthy smile, even if you keep up with good oral hygiene each day. At ACE Dental of Temple, our general dentists recommend that patients of all ages have their teeth cleaned at least twice each year. During these preventive dental services, our dental hygienists remove plaque and tartar accumulation from the teeth and polish surface stain from the enamel to help brighten your smile. Tips on how to maintain good oral hygiene between professional cleanings are also provided during these visits. Dental cleanings are usually followed by a dental exam from one of our dentists to screen for cavities or other issues that may be affecting your oral health. To help you and your family achieve healthy, bright smiles, contact our Temple, TX team, and schedule your dental cleanings!

Why Is Good Oral Hygiene Important?

Taking care to maintain good oral hygiene is an important aspect of both oral and general health. The condition of your teeth and gums can have an effect on many aspects of your systemic health and overall well-being. You can help protect your smile and reduce your risk of cavities (tooth decay), gum (periodontal) disease, and other issues by brushing with a fluoridated toothpaste and flossing your teeth each day. When you visit our team for your dental cleaning, we can help you establish a personalized oral hygiene plan to help protect your oral and general health.

Who Should Have Dental Cleanings?

Patients of all ages, from young kids to senior adults, should all have their teeth cleaned on a regular basis. Young children should visit the dental office for the first time before turning a year old. After this initial appointment, our Temple, TX team can help parents decide when the next visit should take place. Having your teeth professionally cleaned removes plaque and tartar deposits that harbor disease-causing bacteria, which can minimize your risk for cavities and gum disease. Cleanings also diminish the appearance of surface stains and can help brighten the look of your smile.

What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning?

One of our hygienists will perform your cleaning by gently removing plaque and tartar accumulation from your teeth using advanced dental instruments. An ultrasonic device that works through high-speed vibrations and water may be used to eliminate bigger plaque and tartar deposits. Hand instruments, like curettes or scalers, can then be utilized to remove smaller pieces from the teeth. After treating each tooth individually, our hygienist will polish your enamel to help minimize the appearance of any surface stains. Personalized oral hygiene instructions will then be provided to help you focus on areas that might require more attention.

What Can I Expect After a Dental Prophylaxis?

Once your dental cleaning is completed, one of our general dentists will come in to examine your teeth. We may also administer a fluoride treatment to help protect your teeth against tooth decay. The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends that patients receive dental cleanings at a frequency recommended by their dentist. If you have certain oral health concerns, such as periodontal disease or you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, we may recommend dental cleanings more frequently than twice a year. Before you leave, our team will be happy to help you set up your next cleaning visit at a time most convenient for you.

Will My Insurance Cover a Dental Cleaning?

As preventive dentistry services, dental prophylaxis visits are typically covered by dental insurance every six months. Our business team will review your plan ahead of time and let you know if we anticipate any personal costs for your visit. If you do not carry insurance coverage, we will be happy to explain the payment methods accepted at our practice. ACE Dental of Temple proudly offers dental cleanings at affordable rates to help make quality care accessible to you and your family.

Enjoy Healthier Teeth and Gums With Preventive Dental Care

Having your teeth cleaned regularly can help keep your teeth and gums healthy and your smile bright. At ACE Dental of Temple, our well-trained hygienists perform gentle teeth cleanings to remove plaque and tartar buildup and help patients of all ages experience better oral health. Contact our friendly Temple, TX practice today to reserve dental cleaning visits for you and your entire family!

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