Root Canal Therapy in Temple, TX

Root Canal Therapy in Temple, TX

Are you having a toothache but afraid of going to the dentist because they may suggest a root canal? That’s understandable. Root canal therapy (RCT) is considered painful in general. However, our skilled dentists ensure to provide a comfortable experience that will relieve both the toothache and the fear of going to the dentist.

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    The purpose of a root canal is not only to diminish pain but also to preserve your natural tooth structure. Without timely root canal therapy, your tooth may lead to extraction. To save your natural tooth, we provide a virtually pain-free root canal therapy in Temple, TX, that will help you maintain your beautiful smile at its best!

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    What Is Root Canal Therapy?

    When your tooth gets infected or cavitated, the bacteria inside your mouth reach the innermost layer of the tooth called the pulp. This results in severe pain and increased sensitivity. That is because your pulp tissues contain blood vessels and nerve endings that supply your tooth. When it gets infected, your pulpal tissue inflames and causes unbearable pain.

    Root canal therapy is done to relieve toothache and preserve the remaining structure of your tooth. The process involves the removal of damaged pulpal tissue, cleaning plus disinfection of the root canal, and sealing the canal with dental material.

    The final step is to cover the root canal-treated tooth with a crown to increase tooth integrity. The entire process may take a single visit or multiple follow-ups, depending on the severity of your case. Get the best root canal therapy in Temple, TX, from our experienced dentists if you have a painful or infected tooth.

    Questions About Root Canal Therapy?

    Why Do I Need A Root Canal?

    Whenever an infection or trauma occurs that involves the pulp of your tooth, it is usually difficult to treat it with a simple tooth filling. In such cases, we perform root canal therapy in Temple, TX, to treat your affected tooth.

    You may require a root canal if you experience any of the following symptoms:

    • Toothache that ranges from a dull ache to shooting pain
    • Increased sensitivity to hot or cold stimuli that lingers afterward
    • Increased tenderness
    • Swelling in gums or facial tissues
    • Discomfort during eating or biting
    • Small pimple or blister near the tooth
    • Darkening of the tooth or surrounding gums

    These symptoms indicate that the infection or trauma has reached the pulp of your tooth. Proper root canal therapy can help to resolve these symptoms and prevent the remaining tooth structure from further decay.

    What Happens In Root Canal Therapy?

    A basic dental exam precedes the process of a root canal. It helps us to identify the problematic teeth and the visual extent of infection. We may also perform a digital dental x-ray to analyze the involvement of pulp tissues. If you are a candidate for root canal therapy, our team will make sure that you feel relaxed during the entire procedure.

    To begin, we inject a local anesthetic near the tooth that requires treatment. Once we ensure that the area is completely numb and you do not feel any pain, the root canal process will ensue. It starts with drilling an access hole, followed by removing damaged pulp tissue. The canal of your root will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Afterward, we will place a rubber material called gutta-percha in the canal and seal it with a paste. A dental restoration will then close the access hole. We complete the root canal therapy in Temple, TX, by placing a dental crown for tooth protection and better strength.

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    I could not be happier after visiting with the professionals at ACE Dental in Temple! From the time I checked in, to my departure, I was treated with kindness and felt the extreme anxiety I had before my visit disappear. Plus, their estimate of total costs to treat my numerous dental issues was lower than I had expected which was a welcome surprise! I would definitely recommend them to all seeking to establish care with a professional and knowledgeable team.
    Review from W.B.


    Temple, TX
    Lovely people very caring. I needed stitches and they got me in quickly at the Temple location. I feel so confident about the care I’ve received by Dr. Sonkar and her team.
    Review from K.S.

    Marie Victoria Fischer

    Temple, TX
    I am scared to death, wimpy sissy pants when it comes to dental work. My Periodontist, Dr. Amat, was fabulous. She put me at ease talking me thru the whole procedure. I had a bone graph done and didn't wimp out at all!! I highly HIGHLY recommend this facility and practice.
    Review from K.G.

    Cynthia Powell

    Temple, TX
    Very friendly and professional front desk staff. Pleasant, calm and patient young lady. Quick yet informative Dentists. Still listened to my concerns even though they were pretty fast. The Black woman who seemed to be the office manager was going room to room asking if we were ok or if we needed anything. Treatment was minimally painful. I just moved to the area. I think I’ve found my family dentist! Very impressed!
    Review from W.B.

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    Does Dental Insurance Cover Root Canal Therapy In Temple, TX?

    Many dental insurance plans cover a certain amount of the cost of root canal therapy in Temple, TX. Our insurance specialist will contact your provider to learn about your coverage and any additional expenses. Our team at ACE Dental of Temple can help you decide between convenient payment options. We aim to provide more affordable means to all our patients for the best dental care.

    Schedule An Appointment & Preserve Your Natural Teeth

    A timely root canal can help to save your natural tooth and preserve your beautiful smile for longer. If you want to get root canal therapy in Temple, TX, contact our team today! We are happy to answer any queries you may have regarding this procedure.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Does root canal therapy hurt?
    Our skilled dental professionals consider your comfort a top priority. With their expert clinical skills and use of the latest technology, the procedure of root canal therapy will be a relieving experience for you. They will also give follow-up instructions to diminish the risk of pain or discomfort after treatment.

    What happens if I don’t get a root canal?
    If an infection, crack, or trauma has reached your pulpal tissues, it can cause severe discomfort. It will become difficult to chew food due to increased tenderness and sensitivity. The infection may also spread to other regions, and you may end up losing your natural tooth. For this reason, our dentists provide root canal therapy in Temple, TX, to save your natural tooth.

    How long is the recovery period of a root canal?
    The recovery time of a root canal only lasts a few days. Our team will give you the necessary homecare instructions for proper healing. If you develop any symptoms after the treatment, feel free to contact our dentists for further guidance.

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