Smile Makeover in Temple, TX

Smile Makeover in Temple, TX

Have you ever seen a celebrity on the cover of a magazine and wished your smile could be just as dazzling? Many individuals believe that having movie-star teeth is out of reach, but here at our practice in Temple, TX we provide full smile makeovers. Whether it is to fix minor dental issues or completely revamp your grin, our dentists can help you get the bright and confident look you want.

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    At ACE Dental of Temple, we are proud to offer our patients a smile makeover that typically involves two or more cosmetic procedures. Our team will assess your individual case and collaborate with you on the best plan for achieving your desired outcome. If you want to know more about us and what we can do for you, just drop by our office in Texas or give us a call at (254) 978-5932 – we would love to arrange an appointment so that you can get started on transforming your smile today!

    Benefits Of A Smile Makeover

    If you are looking to improve a number of aspects of your smile, then it is time for a smile makeover. With our tailored treatment plan that includes multiple dental procedures, we will help give you the beautiful and confident grin you deserve. Our team will develop an individualized strategy that offers:

    • Resolve several aesthetic concerns with a single solution – that is what this plan does.
    • Restore chipped, cracked, or broken teeth with ease.
    • Revitalize your smile with a brighter, whiter look and experience the satisfaction of teeth that gleam.
    • Perfect your dental anatomy with our advanced tooth-shaping techniques, designed to correct the size, shape and thickness of teeth.
    • Reduces misalignment or gaps between teeth
    • Improves eating and speaking
    • Transform yourself, both inside and out- regain your self-assurance with a refreshed outlook.

    Questions About Smile Makeover?

    Services Included In A Smile Makeover

    Our team will be glad to provide you with a comprehensive smile makeover in Temple, TX tailored specifically to your needs. To begin, we will have an initial assessment of the state of your teeth and gums; this exam is key as it allows us to create an individualized treatment plan that encompasses all necessary cosmetic dental services. This may include:

    • Veneers:
      Transform your smile with thin, translucent coverings that fit snugly on the surface of your teeth and hide any lurking blemishes.
    • Teeth Whitening:
      Your smile will gleam brighter than ever with in-office whitening treatments that can instantly improve the color of your teeth.
    • Dental Bonding And Contouring:
      Tooth-colored restorations can be used to make minor repairs to your smile, such as patching up chips and filling in gaps between teeth. With this simple solution, you will look better than ever before.
    • Invisalign:
      Get your beautiful smile back without sacrificing any of its aesthetic. This innovative transparent tray corrects misalignment of your teeth in an effective and discreet manner.
    • Dental Crowns And Bridges:
      Bridges are an ideal solution for people looking to protect weakened or restored teeth, as well as a perfect choice for replacing missing teeth within the same arch.
    • Dental Implants:If you are missing one or multiple teeth, dental implants can restore your mouth’s structure and functions to its natural state. They are the ideal solution for replacing lost teeth.

    Real Patient Reviews

    See what our happy patients say about us

    5 Star Rating

    4.9 Avg Rating
    805 Total Reviews
    I was overjoyed with the precautions they are taking dealing with the pandemic. They always great with a warm welcome, and are very friendly. Despite my fear of dentist offices, I am comfortable with the staff of Ace Dental Belton.
    Review from W.B.

    Review from W.B.

    Temple, TX
    I am a Patient in the Stan Schlueter Loop Ace Dental . Dr. Kumar is my amazing Dentist who created and achieved my superior Dental plan. I was so eager to began . And from the very start each of my questions were carefully and excellently answered by Dr. Kumar.
    Review from K.S.

    Review from K.S.

    Killeen, TX
    Had an appointment today got 2 fillings and let me tell you I was scared of dentist offices until I went here they took care of me and made sure I wasn’t in any sorts of pain. Thank you ace for concurring my fears and making me love the dentist again!!!
    Review from K.G.

    Review from K.G.

    Belton, TX
    I was overjoyed with the precautions they are taking dealing with the pandemic. They always great with a warm welcome, and are very friendly. Despite my fear of dentist offices, I am comfortable with the staff of Ace Dental Belton.
    Review from W.B.

    Review from W.B.

    Temple, TX

    Does Insurance Cover A Smile Makeover In Temple, TX?

    At ACE Dental of Temple, we understand that a smile makeover plan can be cost-prohibitive due to insufficient dental insurance coverage. That is why our billing specialist will contact your provider to ensure you take full advantage of the benefits available. To help you reach your goal with minimal financial impact on yourself and family members, we offer budget-friendly payment options such as low-interest financing. Our focus is simple: creating happy and healthy smiles without breaking the bank.

    Transform Your Look with a Dental Makeover

    Instead of worrying about your smile, let us help you get the perfect one you have always wanted. Our team is ready to provide exceptional service and are experts in performing smile makeovers around Temple, TX. Get in touch with us today and learn more information on our services!

    One Location For All Of Your Dental Needs

    We are dedicated to providing our patients with complete dental care, no matter the complexity of their needs. From regular exams and cleanings to more intricate treatments like crowns or root canals, we have the knowledge and equipment necessary for maintaining a healthy smile. Our offices are located all over town; come visit us today!

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