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Get the Dental Care With Our General and Family Dentistry Services

At ACE Dental of Temple, we love to see our patients smile. That is why we offer an array of general and family dentistry procedures to keep your grin healthy and gorgeous.

Our digital x-rays, teeth cleanings, routine examinations, and more are all performed by talented professionals who want nothing more than for you and your loved ones to have healthy teeth and gums.

If you are seeking children’s dental care, emergency dentistry, or something else entirely, do not hesitate to learn more about the treatments we offer at our office in Temple TX.

Dental Exam in Temple, TX

Dental Exams

Comprehensive dental exams are a crucial step to uncover any gum disease, cavities, or other oral conditions that could be harming both your smile and health.
Dental Cleaning in Temple, TX

Dental Cleaning

Ensure your smile remains healthy and glowing with routine dental cleanings (prophylaxis). This procedure eliminates plaque, tartar, and any discoloration on the surface of your teeth.
Digital X-Rays in Temple, TX

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays offer us an inside look at your teeth and jaw, screening for any undetectable issues like cavities, bone damage, or impacted teeth. This advanced technology allows us to provide you with the most comprehensive care possible.
3D Oral Imaging in Temple, TX

3D Oral Imaging

Through the latest 3D cone beam imaging technology, our dental professionals can observe your teeth, nerves and jawbone with remarkable precision. This allows them to make more accurate diagnoses than ever before.
Dental Sealants in Temple, TX

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a protective outer coating which is applied to the molars and premolars, thus shielding your teeth from unsightly cavities. Sealants form an invisible barrier against plaque buildup and food debris, ensuring that you maintain healthy oral hygiene for years to come.
Fluoride Treatment in Temple, TX

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are an important part of preventive dentistry. They help to strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay (cavities) from developing.
Family Dental Care in Temple, TX

Family Dental Care

Our family dentist in Temple, TX is committed to providing a wide range of dental services that promote healthy smiles for children, teens, adults and seniors alike. Our friendly team is here to ensure your entire family achieves optimal oral health.
Pediatric Dentistry in Temple, TX

Pediatric Dentistry

At our practice, we provide enjoyable visits for children where they can receive pediatric dental services such as cleanings, sealants, and fillings. Your child will feel right at home in our kid-friendly environment.
Root Canal Therapy in Temple, TX

Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are a vital treatment option to preserve and restore the health of infected teeth or those that have been cracked, decayed, or suffered internal damage from trauma.
Dental Night Guards in Temple, TX

Night Guards

Custom dental appliances, also known as night guards, are designed to shield both the teeth and jaw joints from any harm that bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching) can cause.
Athletic Mouth Guards in Temple, TX

Athletic Mouth Guards

Athletic mouth guards are worn during physical or non-contact sports to help protect your teeth, gums, and other oral structures.
Dental Technology in Temple, TX

Dental Technology

For improved comfort and successful results, we employ a selection of advanced dental technologies like CBCT scans, digital imaging, and intraoral cameras.
Emergency Dental Care in Temple, TX

Emergency Dental Services

In Temple, TX, we are here to provide you with swift emergency dental care for any of your urgent needs such as a toothache, broken teeth and even damaged restorations.
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