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About Periodontal Treatments

Caused by bacterial plaque, periodontal (gum) disease is a condition that affects the gum and bone structures surrounding the teeth. The disease begins as gingivitis but may progress to the periodontitis and advanced periodontitis stages unless it is treated with professional dental care. In addition to causing jawbone loss, periodontal disease commonly leaves behind a receding gumline along with other oral health concerns. Since treating gum disease as early as possible is essential to your smile, oral health, and systemic well-being, ACE Dental of Temple offers nonsurgical and surgical periodontal treatments to address the condition and the effects it causes. If you believe gum disease may be impacting your health and smile, we encourage you to schedule a visit with one of our experienced general dentists to explore your options for care.

Are You a Candidate for Periodontal Treatment?

You may be experiencing the effects of gum disease if you have red or bleeding gums, halitosis (bad breath), pus around the gums, loose teeth, or other concerning signs or symptoms. Gum recession and bone loss in the jaw may also result from periodontal disease and may require additional care once the disease is treated and under control. Periodontal treatments may be recommended by our Temple, TX dentists if the spaces between the teeth and gums (periodontal pockets) have deepened to over three millimeters and/or our team can detect bone loss on your x-rays. Regardless of whether gum disease is diagnosed in the early or advanced stages, it is still important to get the treatment you need now to preserve your health.

What Is the Treatment Process?

When you visit for your periodontal evaluation, we will talk with you about our findings and present your treatment options. At ACE Dental of Temple, our well-trained team offers several periodontal treatments to help stop the progression and treat its effects:

  • Gingivitis may be addressed with a professional prophylaxis (dental cleaning) followed by thorough brushing and flossing habits each day.
  • Periodontitis is often treated with scaling and root planing (a nonsurgical procedure), which might be paired with antibiotics placed beneath the gumline.
  • Advanced periodontitis may be addressed with a surgical approach to care, like osseous gum surgery (also called flap surgery).
  • Jawbone loss may be treated with bone grafting (to regenerate bone and rebuild the jaw) during gum surgery or after other procedures.
  • Receding gums may be repaired to a healthier level with gum grafting procedures after gum disease is brought under control.

Recovery Following Periodontal Treatment

Once your periodontal treatment is completed, it will be very important to follow a good oral care routine at home each day. Since our Temple, TX dentists personalize periodontal treatments according to the severity of the disease, aftercare instructions and recovery times will vary for each individual. We may develop a periodontal maintenance program to help manage your oral health and monitor your periodontal condition after your gum disease treatment is finished. These visits, which are typically scheduled every 3 – 4 months, include very thorough cleanings and replace routine biannual prophylaxis treatments.

Insurance Coverage for Periodontal Services

Periodontal treatments may be covered in part under a number of dental insurance plans. Before beginning your procedure, our billing team will contact your provider and review your individual policy. ACE Dental of Temple wants all patients to have access to quality treatment and is pleased to accept several affordable payment options for those with out-of-pocket costs. Talk with our friendly staff to learn about budget-friendly solutions, such as low-interest medical financing.

Protect Your Health With Periodontal Treatment

Establishing periodontal health is essential for your smile and general wellness. The skilled team at ACE Dental of Temple offers personalized periodontal care to treat the stages of gum disease and help repair its effects. Please contact our Temple, TX practice today to set up a screening for gum disease or to learn more about your periodontal treatment options.

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